Green Life Labs presents the Selected Organic Infusion

In recent years, hemp has been gaining recognition and fame for its beneficial virtues, being used as natural fibres, oil seeds, in cosmetics and multiple medicinal applications, among which are. Lemon balm and blackberry leaves provide unparalleled moments of relaxation.

Inmuno Infusion

Inmuno TEA | Green Life Labs
Hemp Infusion that will help us strengthen our immune system

Natural Infusion

Hemp TEA | Green Life Labs
Tasty infusion with all the aromas of the whole plant

Relax Infusion

Relax TEA | Green Life Labs
Relax Tea infused with valerian root.

Digest Infusion

Digestive TEA  | Green Life
Digest is a natural herbal blend that helps restless stomachs.

Calm Infusion

Calm TEA | Green Life Labs
A soothing infusion for a stressful day